My Story-A Piece of History Biographies
My Story-A Piece of History Biographies

Buildings and communities have a story too! 

Losing a building or a community is like losing a part of yourself and a part of history.

‏Buildings and communities are an important part of our social history, and their stories deserve to be documented too.
We will work with you to produce a stunning book, full of memories, about your special place. We are also experienced in producing beautiful commemorative books for retail. 



My Story-A Piece of History designed and produced the 150th anniversary commemorative brochure for the Theatre Royal Nottingham. 


This is a perfect example of how we record the memories of a community and visually showcase the historical images of the building for future generations to enjoy. Our role was to help edit the raw text, source archive images and restore them to a higher quality. We then designed an A4, 36 page book from scratch to produce a product that everyone was thrilled with. 


Every effort is made to ensure that our community books are of such a high quality that, if you wish, they can be sold or published to make money for the community/building. 


Please contact us for a discussion about bespoke services that we can offer you. 




Buchanhaven I & 2 is a set of books that we designed and produced for a small Scottish fishing village, undergoing regeneration. The books contained the memories and photographs of the villagers, and were sold to the community to generate money to safeguard the local buildings.


Your community book could tell the story of a community, business, village, organisation or group. You can have one individual book produced, or a large number to sell. We will always work within your budget. 


Please contact us to talk through your ideas. We can help you to focus them. 

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