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My Story-A Piece of History Biographies

Write your life story

Have you been thinking about writing your life story? My Story-A Piece of History can help you. Everyone has a story, and those stories are a piece of our history and deserve to be told. Imagine how precious your story would be to your descendants. 


At My Story-A Piece of History, a professional biographer will help you to write your biography. They will spend time with you, sharing your memories and recording them, before writing them up to a professional standard. When you feel that we have captured your story perfectly, we will print it into a set of books for you, along with up to 60 of your chosen personal photographs. 


This is a service that you can either buy for yourself, or for another special person. 


You will receive a bespoke personal service from a highly skilled biographer. 

The service will be tailor made to suit you but will consist of a series of relaxed face to face conversations.  Over two full days, or a series of shorter days, we will ask questions about your life and help you to recall the smaller details that you may have forgotten about. As you share your memories, we will be recording it.


 We will then take the audio and transcribe it - organising it into chapters for you. Then over a series of weeks, we will work together, editing the first draft and adding more information or deleting where appropriate. We will edit your book it until you feel happy that it is the story that you want to tell. 


Your final book will be beautifully designed and each photograph will be full colour. We will digitally repair and enhance any photographs that have worn or faded over time, before adding them to your book. We won't send the story to print until you are totally happy with the way it looks and reads. 


The time scale depends on you. I would recommend that you allow approximately 3 months for us to work together and get the results you want, however, if you have a tight turnaround, then we can discuss that too. 


You will receive five A5 hardback copies of your book, each with a printed, colour dust jacket. I guarantee that you will be fascinated and very happy with the results. 



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