My Story-A Piece of History Biographies
My Story-A Piece of History Biographies

The Social History of Britain - in the words of those who lived it. 

I believe that the social history of Britain should be told by the people who have lived it. It should not be left to the historians to tell future generations how we used to live. 


Imagine future generations of your family, finding a book that you have written - one that will tell them who you were, how you lived, and your personal thoughts and feelings about what was happening around you. No one can tell the story of your life as well as you can, and it will be an important and rare social record for decades or centuries. You'll remember some things and forget some things, but when you start sharing your memories, you will be surprised at how much comes back to you. We will help you to remember, by starting the conversation and asking you about things that you wouldn't have thought about. That's our skill. 
Even the most ordinary lives are fascinating to read about, and an important insight into Britain's social history. 
Remember the TV series The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady? It was based on an ordinary diary that was passed down through the family, but because it was rare, people loved hearing the stories from that time period. Maybe some day yours will be discovered too! 
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